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Here is where you can find the older news and info about the Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club, SDARC Linked System, and Stand Alone Repeaters.

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2013 News

There will be a VE Exam on May 9th at the Moab City Library at 1:00pm. the address is 257 East Center Moab, UT. For what to bring click HERE.

2012 News

New Technician class will start Wednesday, January 9th at 6:00 pm at the Southeastern Service Center, 685 East 200 South Price. Here is the flyer for the class, please let your family and friends know about the class. See you there.

There will be a VE Exam scheduled starting December 26th at 7:00 pm. The exam will be held at the Emery County Sheriff Posse Room at 1850 Des-Bee-Dove Road in Castle Dale. Click HERE for what to bring to the exam.

There will be a Software Defined (FLEX) Radio Training that is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 8th beginning at 9:00 am in the Posse Room located at the Emery County Sheriff's Office, 1850 Des-Bee-Dove Road, Castle Dale.
EVERYONE is invited and should be VERY informative for ANYONE thinking about HF and VHF/ UHF Software defined Radio. Bret will be demonstrating a $24.00 Software defined VHF/ UHF SDR Receiver that plugs into your computers USB Port if you want to get your feet wet as well as a couple FLEX series HF Transceivers and a VERY informative presentation of the NEW FLEX 6000 series SDR's.

There will be a Technician class scheduled starting November 14th at 7:00 pm and will go for about 8 weeks. The class will be held at the Emery County Sheriff Posse Room at 1850 Des-Bee-Dove Road in Castle Dale. Watch for more information.

There will be a VE session on October 24 at 7:00 pm at the Emery County Sheriff Posse Room at 1850 Des-Bee-Dove Road in Castle Dale. For what to bring click HERE.

Abajo peak repeater is offline till a replacement repeater can be installed and the site. The repeater was taken offline due to interference at the site.

There will be a VE session on September 22 at 10:00 am at the fall campout. For what to bring click HERE.

The meeting location for the next meeting has been changed. The meeting will be at the Carbon School District Office, Technology Center (the red brick building on the west side of the parking lot) at 251 W 400 N. People will be on the system for anyone that needs a talk-in to the meeting.

Directions: Take Carbon Av. North until it ends (400 West). Turn left (west) pass Mont Harmon Jr. High School. About 1/2 mile on 400 North you will see the sign and entrance to the Carbon District Office parking lot on your left.

The Technician class has been cancled. Those interest in taking the class please contact Bryan (K7GX) at 435-609-9651 to be put on a contact list.

Happy New Year everyone. The Technician class has been postponed till February 16th, 2012. A downloadable flyer is available with the information HERE.

2011 News

Voting for next years club officers was held during our December meeting and the results are:
President: JJ Grant (K7JNJ)
North Vice-President: Allan Orton (KA7LEG)
South Vice President: Paul Porter (K7BFE)
Secretary/Tresurer: Anita Mills (KB7GFV)
Communications Officer: Bryan Anderson (K7GX)
North Area Representative: Ken DeMill (W5KWD)
South Area Representative: Dee Zeeman (N7RVS)

Also you can now pay your dues by PayPal. Click here for paying dues by PayPal.

There will be a Technician class offered starting January 12th, 2012 at the Southeast Service Center at 685 E 200 S in Price, UT. This class will run a total of 8 weeks and will meet one day a week on Thursday and will end with an exam for the license. For information please contact Bryan Anderson (K7GX) at

There will also be a VE exam on December 30th at 3 pm. The exam will be at the Chysalis building at 93 S 700 E in Price, UT. Please bring some forms of ID and $14.00 check or cash for the exam. If upgrading your license please bring a signed copy of your current license also.

Nominations for next years club officers were held during our Novemeber meeting. So far the current nominations are:
President: JJ Grant (K7JNJ)
North Vice-President: Allan Orton (KA7LEG), Allen Henrie (KE7PDO)
South Vice President: Paul Porter (K7BFE)
Secretary/Tresurer: Anita Mills (KB7GFV)
Communications Officer: Bryan Anderson (K7GX)
North Area Representative: Scott Lott (KB7YOT), Ken DeMill (W5KWD)
South Area Representative: Dee Zeeman (N7RVS)

Nomintaions will be finallized and voted on during the December Meeting.

The fall campout will be Sept. 23-24 at campsite #5 in the Wedge campground in the San Rafael desert. Map to this location is HERE.

Woodhill repeater is back online. This repeater is also linked to the SDARC sytem. This repeater should give better coverage into Helper and Price areas for handheld transceivers. The repeater information here.

Bret (WX7Y) has confirmed that the usual site for Field Day is open. We will be going to the same location that we have been going to for the last few years. Here are the maps to get there. Here is the ARRL Field Day Station Locator site. Just search for K7SDC. See you there.

The Field Day location for this year is still up in the air. Bret (WX7Y) and Anita (KB7GFV) took a trip to the campsite we have used for the last couple of years and could not get there. The Forest Service still has the gate closed. There will probably be discussion on a secondary site on the Yahoo Group and on the VHF net. Stay tuned...

The Friendship Cruise is on for this year. Please look at their site at their Official Site for more information. The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club will again help with the running of the cruise.

Club meeting agendas are now online for the 2011 year. They can be downloaded from the Download page.

The SDARC spring campout will be held April 29 through May 1, 2011 at the Wedge Campground in the San Rafael Desert. Maps are here.

2010 News

Good news!! The Downtown Moab repeater (146.900) is now linked back into the SDARC repeater system. Thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) and Royce Henningson (K7QEQ) for all their time and work.

Voting for next years Club Officers took place at December's Club Meeting. The results are as follows:
President - JJ Grant (K7JNJ)
North Vice-President - Allan Orton (KA7LEG)
South Vice-President - Paul Porter (K7BFE)
Communications Officer - Jim Anderson (KJ7S)
Secretary / Treasurer - Anita Mills (KB7GFV)
North Area Representative - Ken DeMille (W5KWD)
South-West Area Representative - D. Zeeman (N7RVS)

The Cedar Mountain repeaters have now been replaced. Thanks to all that helped make this possible and especially Bret Mills (WX7Y) for his hard work. The stand alone UHF repeater is now the home for the HF remote base that was on the Horn Mountain repeater.

The fall campout is scheduled for the 24th to the 26th of September at the usual location in the San Rafael desert. Map is located here.

Flat Top repeater in Duchesne County is now on the air. Thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) and Chandler Fisher (W7BYU) for their expertise to get this repeater online. This repeater is linked with the Sinbad System.

Wood Hill in Price has two repeaters in operation now sponsored by the CEU Amateur Radio Club - W7CEU. There is a VHF repeater at 147.200 + offset with a tone of 88.5 and an UHF repeater at 448.300 - offset with a tone of 88.5. Thanks to Ross Sacco (AA7AM) for the work done.

Bret Mills (WX7Y) took a trip up to Bruin Point to replace a faulty controller. Hopefully this one will not be as problematic.

The spring campout was a huge success with 35 people in attendance throughout the weekend. There were two new Amateur Radio operators Angela Paskett (KF7JLZ) and Pamela Anderson (KF7JMA).

The Bruin repeater was successfully reset Monday morning. The system is back in operation.

Congratulations to Dusty Zeeman for getting Best of Show for his Science Fair Project on Amateur Radio Antennas titled "Capabilities of Antennas". Here are some pictures of his project.
Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3

The Hub repeater at Bruin Point is offline for the foreseeable future. Hopefully a power reset scheduled for Monday morning (4/26) will reset the repeater.

The Horn Mountain Repeater is now online again. Thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) in his efforts to bring the repeaters back online.

The Horn Mountain repeater is currently down till the site can be accessed. The outage encompasses both the VHF and UHF repeaters. For those in the Castle Dale area please use one of the other repeaters in the area: Cedar Mountain, Bruin Point, or Ford Ridge.

There will be a VE exam for all license levels on January 27th at 6:30 pm at the Emery County Sheriff Office in Castle Dale. Also a Technician Class will be starting on February 3rd at 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Emery County Sheriff Office and will be held weekly every Wednesday. Contact Bret Mills for more info.

The 2010 club officers are:
President - Ross Sacco (AA7AM)
North Vice President - Allen Henrie (KE7PDO)
South Vice President - Bret Mills (WX7Y)
Secretary/Treasurer - Anita Mills (KB7GFV)
Communications - Jim Anderson (KJ7S)

2009 News

Nominations for club officers have started. Nominations will be opened again at the December meeting and will them be voted on. Also the meeting will be catered so please RSVP to a current club officer or let Jim (KJ7S) know on the SDARC net.

The Horn Mountain repeaters have now been replaced with new equipment. The VHF system repeater, the UHF Wx7Y repeater, and the Cactus Repeater are also tone squelched for those who want to use that feature with their radios.

Nominations for 2010 Club Officers will be held during the November club meeting in Orangeville.

The 220 repeater at Boardinghouse Ridge and subsequently the link to Lake Mountain and the Skyline system has changed frequencies. The new frequency pair for the 220 repeater is 222.840 MHz, positive offset with a PL of 88.5. Saturday Scott (KB7YOT) changed Lake Mountain while Bret (WX7Y) and Jim (KJ7S) changed and retuned the repeater.

The remote base radios at Bruin have had a problem, probably from the lightning strike from 2007 and have been replaced.

The Grizzly Ridge repeater has been replaced and is back to its original frequency, check it out here. Also the remote base at Bruin is down again due to a dead VHF/UHF radio and is down till parts can be replaced or fixed.

The Bruin Point repeater is now in its new home. Thanks to all those that helped with the move and the installation of the Remote Base antenna. Thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) for all of the time and hard work he puts in to keep these repeaters in tip top shape.

The Ford Ridge repeater has been fixed. The repeater and link radio has been replaced along with the repeater antenna. Ford Ridge's frequency and tone has not been changed, it is still 145.310 MHz with a minus offset and 88.5 Hz tone. This repeater is now Tone Squelched also for those that would like to use that feature. Thanks to all that participated Saturday.

The Grizzly Ridge repeater has been replaced and is now doing better and coverage has improved. Thanks to those that went to the site to repair the repeater.

The Point of the Mountain repeater is now located on Lake Mountain in Utah County. The frequency and tone access is still the same at 147.080 +600 with a 77.0Hz tone. This repeater is also tone squelched. Thanks to those that helped get this machine back on the air.

The Point of the Mountain repeater has been removed from that site due to interference issues. We are in the process of getting the repeater back on the air at a different site. Look here or listen during the club's Tuesday net for more information.

The Boarding House Ridge repeaters have been replaced. There is now a Kenwood VHF repeater and an Alinco 1.25cm repeater installed. The VHF repeater is also now tone squelched with a tone of 88.5 Hz.

The Bruin repeater has now been moved to a different site on Bruin Point. Hopefully this will solve some noise issues that have been plaguing the old site for some time. The link to Monroe is currently down along with the Remote Base radios until a later time.

This years Friendship Cruise was a success. Thanks to all the people that helped to make the event a success for this year. Participant turn out was low this year probably due to the cooler and wetter weather on Memorial Weekend. Another change this year was the exit point was moved from the Moab ramp to the ramp at MGM.

The club's Field Day location is now on the ARRL's Field Day Locator website. Just search by the club's callsign K7SDC. This will also be the club's annual summer campout. A general location map is here and a detailed map is here.

The Club was reported on by the local newspaper about the spring campout. Read about it on the Emery County Progress' website.

Warm weather is almost here, ready for some outdoor activities? The club is holding their annual spring campout on April 17-19. The location will be the same as last year on the San Rafael Swell near the Wedge overlook. For Maps look here. There will be a test session for those who are interested at 10:00 am on Saturday - April 18th.


2008 News

DUES are due for 2009. The amount for club dues are $25.00 per individual or first family member and $20.00 for other family members. They can be sent to the following address:
P.O. Box 1073
Castle Dale, UT 84513

Make sure to make checks out to SDARC.

There will be a VE Exam session on December 3rd, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. at the Business Building on the campus of the College of Eastern Utah. Listen to the weekly nets or contact Ross Sacco (KB7UZX) for more information.

The Ford work trip has been rescheduled for October 4th. The work party will need any one that can and will climb the tower to replace the current antenna. Please contact any club officer if you want information.

Bruin work party was partially a success. The work crew accomplished what they set out to do by grounding the antenna mount and ladder to the tower. They also grounded the notch and bandpass cavities but the noise issue is still there, although at a diminished level.

There will be two work parties on the mountain tops before the weather turns bad. The first one will be at Bruin Point to fix the noise issue. The second party will be at Ford Ridge to replace the repeater. Listen for any changes on the weekly net.

There has been a lightning strike at the Mt. Ellen communications site in the Henry Mountains. Thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) the repeater is now back on the air.

The club is having a fall campout on September 12-14 located in the San Rafael Desert at the same location that the spring campout was held. Maps are located here. Call in frequencies will be the system and simplex - 146.520.

The club is having a summer campout for Field Day at the same location as last year up Cottonwood Canyon off of State Highway 29. The ARRL has a Field Day Site locator here. Just enter the club's callsign - K7SDC and it will create a map. There is two maps also on our download page, one that is a regional map and one that is a detailed map.

There was a test session held during the SDARC's spring campout. Two Hams were able to upgrade Jim Anderson (KA7YIV) and Allen Henrie (KE7PDO). Congratulations to both.

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club in now an ARRL Affiliate Club.


2007 News

Nominations and voting took place for the 2008 Club Officers. Click here for more info.

Nominations for 2008 Club Officers took place during the November club meeting.

There seems to be another problem at Bruin. Bret Mills (WX7Y) and Ross Sacco (KB7UZX) took a trip up to Bruin Point to solve a de-sense problem and to find the noise problem. The main VHF antenna has high SWR and Bret thinks that it is the either a problem with the duplexer or with one of the pigtails. It looks like another trip will be needed soon.

The Henry Mountain repeater is now on the air. Bret Mills (WX7Y) and Ross Sacco (KB7UZX) along with one of his students traveled to Mt. Ellen to repair the SDARC repeater (antenna damage) which appears to have been also taken out due to lightning.

The Bruin Point repeater is back on the air!!! Thanks to all that donated time and/or funds to complete the project. And extreme thanks to Bret Mills (WX7Y) for all the extra time he put into this build.

There is now a temporary repeater on loan at the Bruin Point repeater site to link all of the other SDARC repeaters together again. The Monroe Link is DOWN for the till the actual repeater can be replaced.

Bruin Point repeater is DOWN for a while. It appears that Bruin took a lightning strike and the damage is extensive. So far Jim (KJ7S) and Bret (WX7Y) found that the link controller is dead and possibly the antenna.

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