Grizzly Ridge Rpt.

Grizzly Ridge

Grizzly Ridge is located along the eastern edge of the High Uinta Mountains in Northeastern Utah. This mountain range contains the highest peak in Utah – Kings Peak 13528 ft.

The GPS coordinates for this repeater are:
N 40° 44′ 21″
W 109° 29′ 02″
9335 ft Elevation

Grizzly Ridge Repeater

This repeater site is located in Dagget County, Utah. This site consists of a VHF Kenwood repeater with a UHF link repeater which links back to Bruin Point. This communication site is sponsored by Chandler Fisher (W7BYU) and is linked full-time to the Sinbad System.

The antenna is a commercial folded dipole.

This repeater covers the Uinta Basin, including Vernal, Roosevelt, and Duchesne, UT.

Repeater Access Information
Repeater Callsign: 	W7BAR
Output Frequency:  	147.040 MHz
Input Frequency:   	147.640 MHz
Offset:		+600 kHz
Status:		Open
CTCSS (Tone SQ):	136.5 Hz

Pictures from Grizzly Ridge