Bruin Peak Rpt.

Bruin Point
Bruin point is located along the Bookcliff mountain range in Eastern Utah separating Castle Valley and the Uinta Basin.    GPS coordinates for this repeater are:
N 39° 38′ 41.0″
W 110° 20′ 51.9″
10142 ft Elevation

Bruin Point VHF Coverage Map »
Bruin Point UHF Coverage Map »

Bruin Point Repeater
This repeater site is located in Carbon County, Utah on Bruin Point above the cities of Sunnyside and East Carbon. This site consists of a commercial Kenwood VHF repeater (TKR-740) with a 100w power amplifier with two commercial Kenwood UHF repeaters (TKR-850) running 40w and VoIP Link’s to several Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio club repeaters. 

 This site is controlled with a Link Communications RLC-DSP404. Bruin Point is the hub for most of the SDARC linked repeaters. 

The main antenna’s are located at the top of a 120’ tower with the VHF antenna above the main UHF link antenna. The 2nd UHF Repeater antenna is 60’ above ground on the same tower. It is going to hopefully and eventually link to the Snowbird “Rocky Mountain Intertie”. 

We have had our side of this link installed and operational since the fall of 2018, It is full time Linked to the 147.120 Repeater at Cedar Mountain using a permanent VoIP link.

The 147.320 / 449.050 repeater’s cover east towards Price, UT and south along State Route 10 to Huntington, UT and along US Highway 6 & 191 towards Green River, UT. and the higher elevations on Interstate 70 through Emery County.

They also covers into the Uinta Basin from East Duchesne along highway 40 toward Vernal, UT. The 147.320 Repeater can also be used with power and/or with a directional antenna from the Grand Junction, CO area.

Repeater Access InformationBruin Peak VHF Coverage Map
Repeater Callsign: K7SDC
Output Frequency: 147.320 MHz
Input Frequency: 147.920 MHz
Offset: +600 kHz
Status: Open
CTCSS (Tone SQ): 88.5 Hz
Bruin Peak VHF Coverage Map
Bruin VHF Coverage Map
Repeater Access Information
Repeater Callsign: K7SDC
Output Frequency: 449.050 MHzBruin Peak UHF Coverage Map
Input Frequency: 444.050 MHz
Offset: -5.0 MHz
Status: Open
CTCSS (Tone SQ): 88.5 Hz
Bruin Peak UHF Coverage Map
Bruin UHF Coverage Map
Pictures from Bruin Point
Bruin Point Repeater Site Bruin Point Repeater Bruin Point Repeater Remote Base Radios

Bruin Point Repeater            Bruin Tower            Bruin Point Repeater Site

Bruin Point Repeater Site Bruin Point Repeater Bruin Point Remote Base
Bruin Tower Bruin 2009 Crew                 Bruin 2009 Crew
Bruin Tower Bruin Work Crew 2009