Upcoming Club Activities


Tuesdays On the Local system and related links at 8pm, and Saturdays on HF 3.832 LSB at 8am for legal licensees
Our Tuesday and Saturday Nets are now available online using NetLogger and are known at this time as; Sinbad Tuesday Net, and sinbad OTW Morning round table, respectively

February Meeting!!!

Feb. 4th

The Meeting will be held at Los 2 Amigos In Price at around 6-630 pm and the meeting will be called to order at around 7 pm.



::Ham Classes::

Classes have resumed at the office building, 90 West 1st North in Price, The classes have resumed except for the first thursday of the month, at 6pm barring presently unforseen situations

Please Call W3GBI, George Ingram: 435 630 8037 for more information. Please don’t call during the Class Times, which will run from 6pm to 8pm most evenings.


  TBA:  If you are close to ready for an exam, let us know and we can arrange an exam with about two- three weeks advance notice At this time we have a  plan for an exam on Saturday, January 23rd at 10 am, in Price at George’s office building 95 West 1st North.

## State Wide Races Nets ##

Even Months:

Third Thursday
December 17th on the VHF system at 8 pm and will run
for a maximum of an hour.

Odd Months:

HF Races Net 3.920 LSB
Third Saturday January 16th at 8am
and will also run maximum of an hour

## Spring Campout ##

April 15-17, 2021

All Amateurs and their Families are welcome to come participate, whether it be for the entire time or for a day. We usually have a pot luck dinner Saturday evening and when allowed, a campfire gathering, as well as time to peruse “systems” being used by all to communicate (systems term used very loosely)!