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Club Repeaters

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club maintains many different repeaters in the state of Utah that include full time linked VHF repeaters, UHF standalone repeaters, IRLP nodes, and Echolink nodes and bridges.

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Introducing the Sinbad Repeater System

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club repeater system covers most of Eastern Utah and parts of Salt Lake and Utah Counties using the following club repeaters: 147.060 (Horn Mountain), 147.320 (Bruin Peak), 147.080 (Lake Mountain)*, 145.310 (Ford Ridge), 147.140 (Cedar Mountain), 147.080 (Boarding House Ridge)*, 146.610 (Abajo Peak), IRLP Node 3270, and 147.080 (Henry Mountains)*. There are two repeaters located in the Uinta Basin that are also linked to the Sinbad System full-time, 147.040 (Grizzly Ridge) and 145.490 (Flat Top). The downtown Moab repeater is now linked to the system too, 146.900 (Moab). The Skyline Radio Club has some of there repeaters now linked full-time to the Sinbad System, 146.660 (Ephraim), 147.100 (Beesting), 146.860 (Monroe Peak), and 448.275 (Barton Peak). When using the system please allow 1 second after keying the microphone to speak so all listeners of the system can hear your transmission.

There are also some standalone repeaters in our area that the club helps support that are sponsored by local hams. They are 448.550 (IRLP Node 3280), 447.700 (Horn Mountain), and 223.920 (Skyline).

There is now a ICOM D-Star UHF DV repeater from Joe Lachacz of the National Weather Service on Cedar Mountain. This repeater will also have a gateway for user or port linking to other D-Star repeaters.

The Sinbad system and some of the standalone repeaters have remote base functionality ranging from HF to UHF. There are also various APRS radios and two IRLP and Echolink Nodes in the Club's geographical area.

* These repeaters are located in different geographical locations and use different sub-audible tone for access. For more information please click on the repeaters name to the right or contact any club officer.