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Bal Mesa

This repeater is located in the scenic LaSal mountains and covers the surrounding area around Moab. This is one of two repeaters located around Moab. GPS coordinates for this repeater are:
N 38° 31' 43"
W 109° 19' 29"
8580 ft Elevation

Moab (Downtown) Repeater

This repeater site is located in Grand County, Utah in the LaSal Mountains. This repeater consists of a commercial Kenwood VHF repeater and a CL-100 Internet Linking Controller from Computer Automation Technologies.

This repeater covers the town of Moab, UT and surrounding areas. It is also linked to the SDARC System.

Repeater Access Information
Repeater Callsign: 	K7QEQ
Output Frequency:  	146.760 MHz
Input Frequency:   	146.160 MHz
Offset:		-600 kHz
Status:		Open
CTCSS:		88.5 Hz