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Horn Mountain

Horn Mountain is located along the eastern edge of the Manti La-Sal forest in Eastern Utah in Emery County. The GPS coordinates for this repeater are:
N 39° 12' 34.63"
W 111° 08' 31.37"
8673 ft Elevation

Horn Mountain UHF Coverage Map »

Horn Mountain UHF Repeater

This repeater site is located in Emery County, Utah on Horn Mountain above the cities of Orangeville and Castle Dale. The radio site is located right on the eastern edge of Horn Mountain which dramatically drops to the valley floor.

This site also contains an IRLP/EchoLink node (Node 3280). This repeater is controlled with a RLC-DSP404.

The VHF/UHF antennas are located on a 60' tower.

This repeater covers most of western Emery County including the towns of Castle Dale, Orangeville, Huntington, Cleveland, Ferron, and further east into the San Rafael desert. It also covers the towns of Sunnyside and East Carbon, UT.

This repeater will be the new home for IRLP node 3280 soon.

Repeater Access Information
Repeater Callsign: 	WX7Y
Output Frequency:  	447.700 MHz
Input Frequency:   	442.700 MHz
Offset:			-5 MHz
Status:			Open
CTCSS:			123.0 Hz
Horn Mountain UHF Coverage Map
Coverage Map

Pictures from Horn Mountain

Horn Mountain Radios Top two-thirds of the Horn Mountain Tower View of Orangville and Castle Dale from Horn Mountain
Repeaters Top of the tower Looking East