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IRLP & Echolink Nodes

IRLP is an acronym for Internet Radio Linking Project. This system allows VHF or UHF nodes to connect to other nodes around the world.

Echolink is another system for linking radio nodes to other nodes worldwide, even from your computer.

IRLP Nodes 3270 & 3280

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club sponsors two IRLP Nodes, Node 3270 and Node 3280.

Node 3270 which is located in Castle Dale, UT is linked full time to the Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club's linked repeater system.

Node 3280 which is also located in Castle Dale, UT is a stand alone node which will be linked to the UHF repeater on Horn Mountain.

Echolink Nodes K7SDC-R & K7YI-R

These nodes are also Echolink Nodes K7SDC-R and K7YI-R. Echolink works similarly to IRLP but also allows a HAM operator to talk to another node from their computer. The Echolink node K7SDC-R is a limited on who can connect to it. Operators operating from their computers will not be able to connect to K7SDC-R.

Echolink Conference Servers UTAHGATE & SINBAD

The Sinbad Dessert A.R.C. also maintains two Echolink Conference servers. These are provided for other IRLP and Echolink nodes to connect to. These are also in use for the club's weekly VHF net.

On our weekly net, held every Tuesday at 20:00 mountain time, the control operator links the IRLP Node 3270 with an EchoIRLP bridge called UTAHGATE so users of the IRLP system and the Echolink system can join.

Node 3270 Information
Node Callsign: 		K7SDC
Output Frequency:  	449.050 MHz
Input Frequency:   	444.050 MHz
Offset:			-5 MHz
Status:			Open
CTCSS:			88.5 Hz
Node 3280 Information
Node Callsign: 		WX7Y
Output Frequency:  	447.700 MHz
Input Frequency:   	442.700 MHz
Offset:			-5 MHz
Status:			Open
CTCSS:			88.5 Hz