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Downtown Moab

This repeater is located in downtown Moab and covers the city. This is one of two repeaters located around Moab. GPS coordinates for this repeater are:
N 38° 33' 50.1"
W 109° 32' 56.76"
4050 ft Elevation

Moab (Downtown) Repeater

This repeater site is located in Grand County, Utah in the city of Moab. This repeater consists of a commercial Kenwood VHF repeater and a CL-100 Internet Linking Controller from Computer Automation Technologies.

This repeater covers the town of Moab, UT. It is also linked to the SDARC System.

Repeater Access Information
Repeater Callsign: 	K7QEQ
Output Frequency:  	146.900 MHz
Input Frequency:   	146.300 MHz
Offset:		-600 kHz
Status:		Open
CTCSS:		88.5 Hz