Sinbad ARC | San Rafael Cactus Assoc. |

We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of our Sinbad Desert A.R.C. Silent Key friends.

The following is a list of Silent Keys of the Sinbad Desert A.R.C. Some of the Silent Keys are linked to a page of additional personal information. If you wish to provide additional information or provide a profile about one of our Silent Keys that does not have one, please send information to SDARC.

Our Silent Keys

Blaine Nelson (WB7OJQ) - SDARC

Ken Rigby (KB7DUJ) - SDARC

Art Labaun (WD7N) - SDARC

Gary Staley (KB7VAA) - SDARC, SRCA

Lamar Edwards (KA7NRL) - SDARC

Lorin Corbin (WA7IQG) - SDARC

Norman Tidwell (KB7ZEO) - SDARC

Dale Christensen (KA7LED) - SDARC

James Brett (NJ7B) - SDARC

Henry C. Jensen (K7HCJ) - SDARC