The first repeater installed became the Bruin Point repeater in 1981 and consisted of a Motorola tube driven VHF repeater on 147.320. It was then replaced with a Motorola Micor radio. At this same time another group of Hams from Emery County installed a repeater on Cedar Mountain on 147.080 which was a store bought Uniden VHF repeater with a home made duplexer.

The first link of the Sinbad System was an UHF link to a Ham's home to a home brewed autopatch. Also the first controller on Bruin was home brewed and it consisted of Telco control. The actual first true linked repeater to this system was a surplus Motorola Micor that needed repaired. This repeater was on 147.140 and was placed on Ford Ridge. The next linked repeaters became Cedar Mountain, Abajo Peak, and Horn Mountain in 1986. After 1986 any repeater installed was linked at the same time. The repeaters that came online since are Boardinghouse Ridge, Mt. Ellen, and Point of the Mountain (now Lake Mountain). All of the Sinbad System repeaters have a pl tone of 88.5 Hz except for the Lake Mountain repeater (77.0 Hz) and the Mt. Ellen repeater (136.5 Hz).

The Club also sponsors some stand-alone repeaters. These repeaters are Horn Mountain (UHF), Star Point (UHF), Skyline Drive (1.25M), APRS digipeaters (on various sites), and IRLP and Echolink nodes.

Other repeaters from neighboring clubs and individuals are also linked to the Sinbad System. The Skyline Amateur Radio Club has a few repeaters on their side that are linked to us . The Borderline Amateur Radio Club have two repeaters linked to Sinbad, the Grizzly Ridge repeater (145.490 pl 136.5). There are also two repeaters from the Moab area that are usually linked, the Moab repeater (146.900 pl 88.5) and the Bald Mesa repeater (146.760 pl 88.5).

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